10 takeaways from Smart Cities Week Australia

January 11, 2020

Recently I attended the annual Smart Cities Week Australia event in Sydney. This event brought together smart cities experts from around the world, as well as several leading Australian Smart Cities including Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Central Coast and Newcastle. It was an excellent, informative event providing many important insights regarding the evolution of Smart Cities.

Highlights included an eloquent, engaging and passionate presentation by Mayor Eugene Grant from Seat...

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How Social Business Solutions Power Collaborative Analytics

April 6, 2019

This article was originally published in Information Management (Sept 2016 edition)

To a greater or lesser extent, everyone collaborates. I watch my pre-school twins collaborate daily. I listen to the “collaborative creativity” within a jazz ensemble. Yet so often in a work context we operate in silos.

For decades, the silo of choice was the spreadsheet. Today, it’s becoming the data discovery “workbook.” Yet it’s no longer enough to just have meaningful analytics: it’s also about...

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BI governance in a world of self-service Data Discovery

April 5, 2019

This article was originally published in Information Management (Mar 2017 edition)

Without effective, governed self-service data preparation and data discovery, information becomes noise, trust in the information is diminished, and effective collaboration becomes much more difficult. Everything is louder than everything else.

Self-service business intelligence platforms provide significant benefits, but have also contributed to a new trend: the "wild west" of proliferating BI silos,...

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